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It is suggested that you read the travel procedures before completing this form. In order to be reimbursed, you will need to have your PI's signature on the reimbursement forms after your travel.

This form is required for in-state travel with an overnight stay and all foreign and out-of-state travel.

Out-of-state travel is defined as travel outside Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. The University's contract travel agencies, GlobeTrotter (866-235-5467), Travel-On (301-403-4278) or Omega (301-403-4282), can make travel arrangements and charge tickets directly to University accounts. They also provide supplemental flight insurance and make sure that University travel policy is followed. If you use another travel agency, keep in mind that the airline must be with a U.S. carrier if your trip is supported by grant funds.

Immediately upon your return, please fill out a travel reimbursement form and return it to the UMIACS Business Office, room 2126 A.V.Williams Bldg. Attach Original receipts including airline ticket stubs. Applicable exchange rates must also be provided when you request reimbursement for foreign travel. The processing time for reimbursements is 4-6 weeks.

Standard Domestic Travel Meal Maximum as of 1/1/15

  • Breakfast $9
  • Lunch $11
  • Dinner $25

Receipt required for each fare over $25. The Univeristy will not pay for insurance on car rentals.