Invite Procedures

Inviting Long Term/Short Term Visitors Who Will Be Paid

Follow the procedures under hiring FRAs and Post-Docs. Short term visitors who are to be paid may receive a one-time pay or honorarium, depending on the situation.

Inviting Non-Paid Visitors

  1. Notify the Business Office by filling out and submitting the appropriate form:
    • If the visitor is invited for more than 2 weeks, use this form. Your visitor will then receive an email from the business office requesting further information.
    • If the visitor is invited for less than 2 weeks, use this form.
  2. Provide name, address, email, title of visitor, dates of visit, who the visitor is collaborating with or name of the project and information as to whether an invitation letter is needed.
  3. Determine space availability
  4. The Business Office will assist with visas, if necessary and will contact the visitors for information needed for no-cost appointments
  5. The Business Office will initiate an appointment, depending on the length of the visit

For additional information on hires, contact the Director of Administration (Emily Hartz)