Information for New Employees and Visitors

Welcome to UMIACS. We look forward to your joining the Institute. Resources are available on-line to help answer many of your questions or to provide you with preliminary information before you arrive. We have included links that may be helpful to you. Also, feel free to contact us directly, and we will be happy to answer your questions or provide further information.

Prior to your arrival, it is suggested that you do the following:
  • After receiving an offer letter, the first step may be getting a visa. Information is available at
  • The DS-2019 Collection Form (formerly IAP-66 form) may be accessed at:
  • NOTE: It is mandatory for visitors and dependents on J1 and J2 visas to carry health insurance. More information about this is available on the above site.
  • You may also send mail to our business office and we will be glad to help you with visas.
  • Shortly after we receive notification from your PI, you should receive an email from us asking you to complete our New Employee Information form. Please follow the link in that email and submit the form. Once this is done, you will receive a response from us requesting specific information or documentation, as necessary.
  • Fill out the on-line Computer Account Request Form and select the submit button. Check with your supervisor or host to see if you need an additional computer account in another department.
  • [Employees Only] Review information on benefits.
    This will make it easier for you to fill out paperwork when you get to UMIACS.
  • To view other information about the University of Maryland, College Park, such as a map of the campus, go to
Upon arrival:
  • [Employees Only] Come to the UMIACS business office, (8125 Paint Branch Drive, College Park, MD 20742) and fill out the required forms to get on payroll and to receive benefits. If you have dependents whom you will be including on health insurance or other policies, make sure you bring documentation for proof of marriage (copy of original marriage license plus a certified copy translated into English if original is in a foreign language), proof of spouse residency (copy of lease or utility bill), and proof of birth or adoption for children.

    • It takes approximately 8 weeks after paperwork has been submitted for health insurance to become activated.
    • Maryland State Treasury regulations require all new state employees paid through the Central Payroll Bureau (that includes University of Maryland employees) to participate in Direct Deposit. Therefore, a bank account must be established.
    • It is mandatory to select a retirement or pension plan. You cannot get on the payroll without this.
    • Social Security numbers are required in order to get paid. A passport and copy of a letter which you will need to get from IES once you come to campus, need to be taken to the social security office. Directions will be provided when you here.
  • Come to the UMIACS business office, (8125 Paint Branch Drive, College Park, MD 20742). Information will be provided for getting a UM Identification card which may be used for libraries, shuttle bus, key card entries and general identification.
  • You will receive a room assignment, office keys, and a copying account number.

Please contact us if you have questions.