University of Maryland Travel Procedures

Prior to a trip

Login into Concur. This system will help you make your travel arragements, get approved and fill out your expense report(s). There is both a desktop website along with a mobile application available you will need to setup a profile the first time you use Concur.

In order for your travel to be eligible for reimbursement, you MUST have a fully approved travel request in the Concur system BEFORE the start of your trip. There is no way for us to back-date an approval or to do a disbursement if an approval was not in place before the start of the trip.

For any travel funded by sponsored research funds, there are three levels of approval that must be completed before a form is fully approved: the supervisor level, the fiscal officer level, and the PI level. Again, all of these approvals must be in place BEFORE the trip starts.


Reimbursement is dependent upon the availability of funds. Expense reports are handled within the Concur system with the corresponding Trip Number. Once your expense report is approved, it cannot be amended (even if you find an expense that you forgot to include) so please try to be thorough when completing your expense reports.


Employees are responsible to complete your own requests through Concur and upload your own receipts. Administrators approve, but do not create actions in the system. If there is a mistake the form is returned to the employee and they must fix the mistake directly.

Please review the UMD Travel Policies, Procedures, and Guidance article for further guidance.