UMIACS Travel Procedures

Prior to a trip

Fill out and submit the travel request form at least 3 days before your trip. Prior approval is required for all travel except in-state with no overnight stays and for tickets purchased from the University’s contract travel agencies and charged directly to a University account. These travel agencies are Globetrotter, Omega World Travel and Travel-On.

You may also make your own arrangements, but note that first-class airfare is not permitted. Business class is permitted, in exceptional cases and with an approved justification from the agency if paid from a federal contract or travel office approval if paid from state funds. The University’s travel website is Information is available which includes services, travel policies, reimbursable rates, combining personnel and professional travel among others. The traveler’s guide, on the site, has summary information related to reimbursable expenses, receipts and policies.


Reimbursement is dependent upon the availability of funds. Fill out the on-line travel expense statement, print and sign it and bring it to the business office along with your ORIGINAL RECEIPTS. CREDIT CARD RECEIPTS ALONE ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. This is the only on-line form which is not submitted to us electronically.

NOTE: Travel must have begun before 6:30 am (includes time you left your house) to be reimbursed for breakfast on the first day of the trip and ended after 6:30 PM on the last day of the trip to be reimbursed for dinner for that day.

Receipts are not required for meals if you are using the per diem rate.

Provide information on the currency used if foreign travel is involved.


All federally funded foreign travel must comply with the U.S. Fly America Act. A US flag carrier must be used; it can not be a cooperating partner air carrier.

If you plan to use your own car for traveling, you will be reimbursed at the rate of $.34 per mile for travel up to 50 miles per day. If you travel more then 50 miles per day, you will be reimbursed at the rate of $.17 per mile UNLESS you have a motor car waiver. Waivers are granted by the Motor Transportation Services and usually are given due to a lack of availability of a car. However, waivers can be obtained for other special circumstances. Information on the use of cars from the University is available at Motor Transportation Services.

Collision damage waiver insurance is NOT REIMBURSABLE on employee car rentals within the US; it IS REIMBURSABLE on car rentals outside the 50 states.