UMIACS Business Office Staff

Name Function Phone Email Room
Gedra, Margit
accounts, travel x56729 margit@umiacs 2126
Perrone, Janice
Administrative Assistant
travel x51736 janice@umiacs 4413
Schenk, Arlene
Assistant Director, Payroll and Benefits
payroll, benefits x56726 arlene@umiacs 2131
Valenzuela, Yerty
Associate Director, Administration and Finance
academic appointments, visas, accounts, proposals x56719 yerty@umiacs 2133
Weinstein, Johanna
Executive Director of Operations
general operations of UMIACS and its Centers, human resources, and reports x56728 johanna@umiacs 2127
Zapf, Petra
Director of Finance
financial/research issues including proposals, budgets, Research administration, compliance, and reports x42716 pzapf@umiacs 2129